Regnum The 5th Age

A Mission Unfinished

"Ah, yes!" Tammokan sips his Agave Beer with the thick liquid coating his throat, "Now where were we…"

They spotted Kobolds raiding a wagon and most of the band was able to launch a surprise strike which made the battle vicious, but ultimately short. However, they found a survivor calling himself Diaz and that Dragonborn mentioned his companion, Tammuz, should be nearby. However, upon investigation Tammuz appeared to be dead or at the least missing. There was some evidence of a path down the road and more tracks leading off towards the east. 

Our novice band elected to bring Diaz onwards to Arventa Plata and find out more about the circumstances surrounding these events. The elf had even managed to recover a sword from a Kobold corpse that appeared to be enchanted! Organized strikes, well armed Kobolds, a growing number of raids spell potential disaster to a plant used in medicines across the Empires of the Accord! What could our band of heroes do you ask?

Before I could tell you our heroes heard two quick gust of wind and two resounding THUDS! What we now know as Twig Blights began an assault upon the group felling two of their companions with poisoned, wooden, darts as long as an arrow! The 27th of Fravasin was starting to turn south into one of the worst Thursdays they could remember.

A member of the daring band managed to suck the poison out of one, only to have the rescuer succumb to it. The others managed to destroy the Twig Blights and were able to purify and rouse the ill fated rescuer before the venomous sap had a much more dire effect. They were healed of their wounds by Diaz and bore their healed but unconscious companions towards Arventa Plata. Once there Diaz asked to be taken to the Shrine of Dragon Gods, where they met Kira a Shirn priestess of Bahamut and Luvanda Herqwan, a black scaled Dragonborn of Takhisis the Dark Mother of Dragons.

Despite the band's reservations regarding Luvanda they left their companions and Diaz to care for them. Soon they found their way to the Ol' Fang Inn and Mateo, its owner. Soon, they were given the recent lore surrounding the previous group chosen to come and deal with this issue but were ultimately unsuccessful. They eventually got off their collective bums and moved quickly on to the Argent Plantation south of the city. It was here I first made their acquaintance.

Of course they got to meet the richest elf in southern Yin Drakkos, Director Lankert. They talked about the prior group's failure at stopping the attacks and how raids have picked up in recent months. The director believes wherever the attacks were coming from had a power struggle recently, the Ashen Plain. The Director believes that the Lizardmen are no longer in control of the "Cloven Citadel" located in the ravine of the Ashen Plain. The director went on to explain that the "cloven" part of the citadel and ravine connection stems from the ravine's shape looking as though a god like dragon had cloven the ground driving the citadel below the light of day!

Worried there could be more than one location to the attacks' source he implores the group to carry on with their work and stop these raids. Shortly, after they leave the director's office I meet them for the first time trying to make them believe I was my grandfather, head or chief Loremaster of the plantation – Degaz. Let's just say I had them fooled until my grand father and a few insightful members of the band wrecked the whole charade! Phooey! More ALE!


Give the man some ALE!

A Mission Unfinished

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