Regnum The 5th Age

Abraham's Compendium

Gaurdian, Day 2

Fravsin 28 15030 A.T.


Sand Crystal Dust:  Currently good supply.  38 thundershells remain of 40.  Sand Crystal dust in decent supply.  Should make sure to have supply before descending into the Cloven Citadel. 

Nightvision goggles: Full capacity. Should conserve energy until descent. 

Cap of Water Breathing: Useful in cave?  Should check to see if nearby areas have underground reservoirs.  If not, look for trade in Arventa Plata?

Thundercannon: Performing as expected.  Continuous energy cycle holding up.  Flux cycle regulated.  Internal combustion monitored.  Planned adjustments proceeding reasonably well, given available tools. 

Mindertas: Elf.  Skilled in Arcane arts.  Polite in company.  Has sense of purpose, and confidence in self.  Good leader.  Bit of a highbrow.  Does not laugh too much.

Keth: Grumpy as always.  Has picked up drinking heavily in last few years, possible due to orcish heritage.  Still handles well in a fight.  Does all laughing on the inside. 

Stan: Merchant???  Guardians picked a strange group, but what skills does a merchant bring to our band of misfits?  Man is a decent shot with a bow, but has remained quiet and aloof for now.

Hano Tsume – Shirn.  Skilled in hand to hand combat.  Strong.  Very calm under pressure.  Good person to lean on.  Seeking knowledge, a good endeavor, but a tad naïve.  Laughs when appropriate.

Drow – Name escapes me.  Female from Berkay.  Arcane of some sort.  Likes bugs.  Skilled with bow.  Quiet. 

Arventa Plata – Quiet, peaceful for living so close to stronghold of lizardfolk, kobolds.  Unaware of danger?  Don’t consider it danger/Overconfident? 

               Luvanda Herqwan: Priestess.  Children died in Cloven Citadel?  Knowledge of Cloven Citadel?

               Kira: Priestess of Bahamut. 

Cloven Citadel: DangerDangerDanger.  A tactician’s worst nightmare.  One entrance with no cover upon approach.  Small group could stave off armies at entry point.  Single entrance?  Most rats have an escape plan that takes them away from the cat.  But who’s rat, who’s cat?  Led here for purpose, or as lambs for slaughter? 

Shrine of Ackavartan: Connection to Cloven Citadel?  Secret entrance?  Given distance between points, highly unlikely.  Worth examining?  Potentially.  Soil around Arventa Plata fertile, black loam. Tunnel would be horrendously deep.  Greater depth, worse chance of survival in completion. 

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No matter how many times I try to write it, I still can’t.  I can see it in my head and in my heart, but its name won’t come.  And even if I could say it, would anyone believe me?  Even those who know that there is a way back haven’t found it yet.  From the other side of the world, where I might die, I am further from my goal than when I started.  Knowledge of home comes in bits and pieces, a morsel here and there.  It is impossible to return. 

Guardians: Power and money?  Can they get me home?  What rewards can be gained if this venture is survived?  Wishes to be granted?  Home?

Side project: Assistant.  Combination of gears, pulleys, and internally controlled levers experiment successful.  Self-propelled imitation arm works.  Fingers grasp, although it has tendency to clench fist and raise digitus medius towards me.  Personality being infused in with magic?  Potentially.  Must investigate further. 

Next steps: Cloven Citadel: Find entrance; Assistant: Experiment with feet and legs; Companions? Compatriots? Associates and brother: Assist.


“…Fingers grasp, although it has tendency to clench fist and raise digitus medius towards me….”


Abraham's Compendium

It is worth noting that my wife said, given the period of time, it should have been a thumb being bitten, but this seemed more appropriate. The Gnomish Salute, if you will.

Abraham's Compendium

I bite my thumb, but I do not bite my thumb at thee

Abraham's Compendium

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