Regnum The 5th Age

Before the Guardians: Part II

Abraham stood on an airship, watching as the land fell away from him.  He didn't know where he was going anymore, only that he had to keep moving.  His knees were weak, and his appetite was destroyed.  All he could think about were the three weights in his pocket, and the reason he had come to Sussuria.

—3 hours earlier—

"I'm sorry that I cannot be of more help, Master Abraham," the well dressed gentleman had said.  "But the information you seek simply doesn't exist, at least in any of the forms that I've searched for it.  To tell the truth, I question its very existence."

"But it has to exist," Abraham had replied.  "You know it does, and you've just given up?!" 

"Not given up," the man kindly answered.  "Moved on.  There are other pursuits in life, you know.  You are young, intelligent, and could make something of yourself.  I could even provide a position for you in my establishment, if you wish."

A job.  Abraham chuckle dryly to himself as he thought back on it.  He'd actually considered taking a desk job for the briefest moment.  It had seemed like a good idea, and it would give him a ready supply of materials should he ever want to make anything at all.  But a desk job?  Where was the fun in that?

"I'm sorry, but I can't sit still," Abraham had said.  "I have to know if there's an answer out there.  I've already nearly killed myself 3 times, and I can't throw away that kind of sacrifice."

"I understand, and were I younger, I'd feel the same way you do.  But I'm older, and I have a family now.  Life is actually quite nice, if you give it a chance," the man said encouragingly.  "You should invest yourself in a trade, meet a girl, start a family."

Abraham chuckled suddenly into the evening air.  The ground was now quite far below, and as he sat reflecting on his earlier conversation, it occurred to him that he could quickly put an end to all his miseries.  The sorrow welled up inside him as he looked over the railing.  Should he fall, that would be it.  The search would be over, and his troubles would be gone.

As Abraham put one foot up on the railing, he felt objects move and heard them rattle in his pouch.  The lid to the pouch, which he normally kept tightly closed, fell open, and a soft blue glow spilled out.  Four sand crystals…

"Four sand crystals is the best assistance I can give you in your search, Master Abraham," the man had said.  "It will help you get your start in whatever calling you pursue."  Even in the well-lit room, the glow of the crystals was apparent.

"You hardly know me, and you're offering me a fortune," Abraham exclaimed.  "Why?  What does it matter to you?"

The man mused for a moment, staring up at the ceiling.  "Perhaps it is an encouragement that you should develop yourself into something else.  Or maybe an opportunity for you to remake yourself.  Or, if you wish," the man had finished with a smile, "an expression of hope."

An expression of hope.  Enraptured by the light, Abraham sat down on the deck.  Pulling out the largest sand crystal, he rolled it in his hand before returning it to the pouch.  Standing up, he looked out over the land with determination.  He would remake himself.  He would have hope.  Ideas flooded into his mind as he prepare to see what new adventures awaited him. 

Then Abraham remembered that he had no idea where he was or how he got on this airship.  Hopefully they wouldn't ask for his ticket anytime soon, because he wasn't sure he had it.  Oh well, he was no stranger to being a stow away, and the worst they could do was throw him off, right?  With a smirk on his face, Abraham snuck off to find a comfortable spot in the hold, preferably with an easy path to the kitchen.

"One other thing that may help you," the man had said, procuring a slip of parchment as Abraham was preparing to leave.  "There are others you may wish to speak with.  Here are their names, and their last known locations."



Love the story, got me inspired to start setting up some about Mindertas’ own tragic downfall when someone else is writing cohesive session write-ups.

Before the Guardians: Part II

Great story, well done.

Before the Guardians: Part II

Thank you!

I’d love to hear more about Mindertas’ downfall. I’ll try and write up some of the next session’s details, but our GM is already taking care of that.

Before the Guardians: Part II

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