Regnum The 5th Age

Brigands Are NOT ENOUGH!

"Ah, yes!" Tammokan sips his renewed Agave Beer with the thick liquid coating his throat, "Now here it gets interesting…"

Look, I don't think explaining to you fine folk how they went around the next day at the festival of ‘Dia de Drago’ in Arventa Plata. Is really that interesting? Anyone of you here at Mateo's Ol' Fang Inn know ‘Dia de Drago’ like the inside of your tankards! YES, my friends, yes stop cheering…
…well maybe a little more, HAH!"

After the crowd dies down once more the Silver scaled Dragonborn bard continues once more.

What I will tell you is how they saw and tracked a number of Kobolds leaving the festival with a crate of some size heading into the forest. When the little scoundrels began to split up the Shirn of the group, Tsume darted off after the two characters. While his companions continued after the group heading away with the crate.  Maybe an hour or two out from what old Ferronaitius told me they met up upon the "Old Free Road" going up the east coast where it'll eventually pass the Ashen Plain!"

Gasps were heard among the crowd.

"My friends, my friends, I promised you a tale of wonder and renown! Of course we shall eventually probe the depths of danger and venture untoward that lifeless landscape. Once more, like the odd Dmitri from a decade ago, and very recently our two townsfolk and the visiting knight with his Shirn ranger. Another group of brave souls ventures forth to make our land safe once again! BUT FIRST! Let me regale you all with the heart and soul this group had shown when they realized the crate in question was items stolen from our town during, ‘Dia de Drago’!

A fierce and pitched battle ensued involving the 'BOOM STAFF' Artificer, Abraham MemphisAbraham, Tsume and the two Kobolds he had been tracking. Yes those pops back on the 28th of Fravasin some of you heard was the great boom staff of Abraham the Artificer! His staff can carve a hole through your chest as big as a small buckler for Vilgard duels!

While lightning and the whirling claws of the Shirn Monk made short work of their foes lest us not forget the others that saved the valuable old Ferronaitius had returned to you all! Yes they were the heroes that decided after knowing what had been found to return it all! The Elf wizard, Mindertasfroze one of the arms of the Kobold's arms off only to hear it mutter the name Gurthadt!

I knew this was my time and in the cloak of night I stole out and waited along the eastern Old Free Road for them to come along and I could begin following and finally have a grand tale of adventure that's not just surviving a ship wreck. More ALE!


An odd person named dmitri was around here a while ago? Coincidence? I THINK NOT!

Brigands Are NOT ENOUGH!

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