Regnum The 5th Age

Dear Sariel (fifth letter)

Dear Sariel,

Things have continued quite well since the last letter. We explored the second wing of the Citadel finding the location of the kobolds. Despite the minor hinderance of a pair of mephits inhabiting a well (no doubt for the purpose of ending tired outsiders searching for respite). We entered into the kobold’s housing. Most importantly the (previous) location of Gurthardt’s pet who is apparently named Caurex. It’s quite the large dragon, by the size of the cage I estimate between 60 and 80 years of age, that was imprisoned in a cell not barely 600 square feet large.

Meepo was traumatized, but he was able to recover when we told him that we could recover the young dragon and thus took us to see Gurthardt. He told us a lot of important context between the inhabitants of the Citadel, all the while a show of force consisting of few more than a dozen spear-bearers. Apparently the lizardfolk and kobolds had an amicable arrangement before a the Daedal Druid deemed Dmitry dutifully dropped in deeming the deal dead. He claimed that the reason they stole (including the ones previously mentioned as things to feed Gurthardt’s pet) was because of Dmitry forced them to. Though I believe this was him just trying to skirt around punishment for their crime not attributable to Dmitry, they did agree to stop their thefts. Additionally they were forced to harvest both the white and red fruit from a tree the Druid manages. The lizardfolk have also been encroaching upon their territory since then too. Not to mention Dmitry is responsible for the death of our predecessors and the twig blights.

Thus we struck a deal; in exchange for our returning of Caurex, they would surrender their prisoner (one gnome by the name of Ingvolt Silvertoe), a crate of silver lotus to be burnt by both parties, and promise not to thieve any more. Though I believe the implicit agreement also be that we deal with both Dmitry and Lizardfolk to provide a(n un)reasonable level of safety for the kobolds in the Citadel. The crate was suggested by the engineer so we could honestly say we burnt the stolen goods.

I am suspect at their ability to integrate, but I believe I can levy our group's success for leniency and supervision. However when we told them of our reinforcing of the path behind us from the encroaching lizardfolk they got extremely fearful and near instantaneously fled. Left with Ingvolt and Meepo we acquainted ourselves with the newly repatriated. A member of the Three Brothers Trading Company, he was not pleased with his imprisonment and practically bathed in Sephiroth’s feather (you know the one Rolen likes to wear). Clearly a coping mechanism, he should cool down when he reenters society and has a nice bath. Though my companions were extremely displeased with his demeanor, they could stand some empathy for someone that has been stuck with kobolds for over a year.

With the deal struck, and Ingvolt caught up, we turned to face the lizardfolk. We set up at the end of the hallway following the trapped pits (which I had previously sabotaged to be unable to close). They mistakenly believed the kobolds had turned on them in an expected maneuver and constructed a makeshift bridge to begin beating the barricaded door down. What followed was something that followed directly out of Asvaldir’s own playbook. Bait the vanguard, arrest the body, destroy leadership, and eliminate survivors. While the Cat and the Orc competed for kills amongst the first through the door, and the merchant and I destroyed their bridge, trapped the majority of their force, and burnt them. The Engineer targeted their leader, and was able to finish him off (my magic was weld for widespread damage to reveal the leader). Though a survivor showed admirable bravery in attacking us alone I calmed him down with some potent smoke (I discovered the pipe i picked up at the festival is able to calm and charm others who breathe in it’s herb). I’ve given him some meat rations to calm him while I write you but I hope to learn more about him and hopefully recruit him for us, Gods know we could use the muscle.


Current actions/goals/thoughts

  • Befriend Lizardfolk; learning name, citadel circumstances, and possibly induct. 
  • Send for retrieval of free-trade goods (pigeon ring to Ferronaitius should be enough, but may take time so we should ensure their safety)
  • Confirm ramifications of kobold agreement.
  • Ensure no more attacks by lizardfolk.
  • Ensure no more attacks by Twig blights.
  • Return to Luvanda and settle the loss of her relatives (in person if at all possible).
  • Return of Ingvolt Silvertoe to civilization.

In less dire news, we've discovered quite a few artifacts down here. The dwarven sword from the pit apparently causes the wielder to attack themselves sometimes. A few hundred coins from the age of Kavas' interment. An 11 slotted coin of energy storage. And two coins adorned with The Lady Lavia Greenwater (and Arbrou Éterneta is embossed at the size I suspect to be around the time of founding). Some sort of designed attachment (which is quite gauche and I will likely not use it) to the Dragon Pipe that acts as a sort of wand for magic missiles. And some jade dagger that likes to disguise itself in an illusion desired by its wielder.

Until my next rest,



Anyone else have any ideas w/ my/our new reptilian retainer?

Dear Sariel (fifth letter)

Depending on the length of his usefullness? Maybe have him tell Dmitri we’re coming.

Dear Sariel (fifth letter)

well reading up on the lizardfolk entries its certainly suggested that some lizardfolk could integrate into an adventuring party, and itd be nice to have a pack mule of sorts if not a full fledged martial warrior (so correct me if the cultures are different brian).

Dear Sariel (fifth letter)

Yes, but given his stupid bravery, he may well still feel he could take us on in a fight once the charm effects wear off.

Dear Sariel (fifth letter)

They respect strength and power, but how they are treated may or may not have an impact. Hard to tell, but very exciting!

Dear Sariel (fifth letter)

Magic counts as strength and power! Though the whole ‘different mindsets’ from volo’s makes me think that its definitely on the table and its either really stupid to not see us as a threat (to be brave enough to jump in) or to see us as a threat and yet beneficial to those that are peaceful (though it may seem like we attacked them unprovoked).

Dear Sariel (fifth letter)

At the very least, this is a ferociously loyal and enthusiastic lizardfolk. He would make an excellent minion if we are able to turn him so.

Dear Sariel (fifth letter)

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