Regnum The 5th Age

Dear Sariel (second letter)

Dear Sariel,

Before heading to the Ashen Plain we stopped by the temple to inquire about our fallen companions. While we had enough luck that one, the shirn, survived, the drow was not so fortunate. While they were left without care for approximately the same time with a near equivalent dosage of sap I’m left to wonder what caused her death. While a difference in constitution is likely, I cannot rule out the priestess’ possible interjection. Who’s suspicion was not waned when presented with the option of purchasing a sample of the sap that the engineer (the Berkayan human) had collected. Not to mention that the merchant (the man incapacitated by sap) was also interested in purchasing said sap.

I spent much of the morning impugn the theories while exploring the festival of dragons, or ‘Dia de Drago’. I did not stop the group from their fun. I figured it would be good to have before the difficulty of what I predict to be a hazardous assault on a Draconic cult’s base. Though I did find a particularly nice pipe that is able to resize itself, it’ll be a good tool/gift if the need for diplomacy arises.

Though I believe we had wasted enough time and went to leave for the Plains we spotted a group of kobolds who had been attending the festival with enough peace to not warrant an inquisition. Though that was incorrect as when they left the festival most suspiciously; running near full sprint directly into the forest. The Shirn ran in after them with barely the chance to instruct him how to rendezvous. The rest of us made for the direction they were headed to cut them off while Ad-Hawk kept an eye on them from the sky. We met Mateo (I’ll include a short bio on him at the end of the letter) who in some sort of omniscience handed us a set of Pigeon Rings. With another one of the party’s requisition of a particularly speedy flying carpet, we were able to successfully come across the kobolds. The group followed orders adequately, though the engineer needs to learn not to fire when his allies are in the way. I had to use the dagger Lia gave me in an attempt to take one of the kobold’s for interrogation as my magic was particularly effective against his compatriot.

What was recovered were a set of magical items of quality exceeding their assumed status of kobolds as well as a chest filled with valuables, crafted and raw, calculating to a worth of a few thousand marques. Luckily one had given up and I was able to ask it some questions. Apparently the valuables were to feed some pet of Gurthadt (not sure on name, the stress caused by its predicament made it barely understandable. Though it was confirmed that the Cloven Citadel is beneath the Ashen Plains. So this leads to a number of possibilities:

  • The kobold’s information was incorrect via lying or misunderstanding

  • Gurthadt’s pet is either draconic and favors hoarding or some sort of being that consumes metal and precious gems

  • Gurthadt is a being powerful enough to own the above as a pet or is only powerful enough to make kobolds believe that he owns it

We’ll investigate further after we return the valuables.



Barkeep and owner of the “Ol’ Fang Inn” in the town of Arventa Plata. Retired (?) adventurer and highly interested in befriending others. Likes to prank others (possible indicator of perceived mark unknown). Either loose with information, or likes to be seen as such. Excellent battle-sense, keeps a blade on him beneath the clothes (how did he draw/stow it so quickly?). Would it be possible for you to ask about him? It seems if we stick around here for a while that he will become a popular informant with the rest. It’ll be best to ensure his worthiness and allegiances to limit risk.




[GM Answer] Gurthadt, and yes I said it three different ways because he was scared.
I love this log, well done!

Dear Sariel (second letter)

Liking Mateo, and really like this log!

Dear Sariel (second letter)

The Engineer. I like it! I believe I’ll make that his title.

Dear Sariel (second letter)

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