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Hi Ni Tsume's Journal

A new chapter

It has been a while since I left the monastery to take part in my questing ritual.  My travels have granted me the opportunity to meet a variety of different individuals in the Shirn territories.  However, a great wind of change had blown.  And now I have been thrust in to a whole new world of adventure.

I was at a tavern, the location of which currently eludes me.  I was having some drinks and sharing a meal with some locals.  After a while and individual, fully armored and coloured only in black approached and conversed with me.  The discussion with this individual is also a bit of a blur.  It was not long before my vision fell black.

I had awoken in a room.  Although I was not alone.  There were other individuals that seemed to have been in a similar situation.  A couple of them did not hesitate to find a way out.  But, it had occurred to me, the Universe had brought us together, and for a reason.  While some were trying to find a way out, others seemed to be trying to remember the prior night.  But, for us to gain any insight as to what had occurred, and what we must do, the silence must be broken.  After I had broken the silence, the others started to introduce themselves to one another.

Drow – Melis; appeared to be a fighter of the wilds.  Talks mostly to the high elf, much about her is unknown to me.

High Elf – Mindertas; appeared to be wealthy, later showed his mystic skill-set.  A very diplomatic individual and is very goal oriented.  This person takes charge in many of the social situations.  Undoubtedly a strong leader type.

Human – Stan; appeared to be a lithe individual, very quiet too.

Human – Abraham; not too much of a fighter, but later shown to be a crafter of sorts.  He also calls Keth his brother.  Seems to be a rare fellowship between the two, but the Universe holds many a possibility.

Orc – Keth; an intriguing individual, strong fighter, loves food, and wine.  A bit enjoyable to converse with.  Yet a bit of a heavy drinker.  Note; seems to have the ability to shrug off his intoxication in emergency situations – very useful for he has been intoxicated quite often, thus far.

Shortly after introductions were made, a mystical message appeared in the middle of the room.  It explained our purpose, and what we were currently tasked with.  It seemed the locals of this land, called Firam, are having issues maintaining their production of an important medicinal herb called the Silver Lotus.  I do not know specifically the motivation of the other individuals.  But, I know that the Universe had put me here for a reason – and I know that this must play an important role for my questing ritual.

After receiving the message, the room opened, and we were allowed to leave.  We soon discovered that we really were transported to Firam, Isthmus – in a Hotel called Dracos Respite.  We also discovered that room and board had already been taken care of, and we had access to their facilities for the duration of this mission.  I requested a copy of the agreement and logged it with my papers.

Our mission took us to Arventa Plata – the southern most Silver Lotus farm.  This location was the closest, and may have held many clues to our investigation.  The flying carpet service took us to the outskirts of the city, where we were to continue on foot.  Along the route, we had found a raided wagon that was to be transporting the Silver Lotus.  The raiders were a moderate-sized group of Kobalds.  Strangely, they were familiar with tactics, and they were well equipped.  Some of the Silver Lotus was missing, along with one of the drivers.  Luckily we were able to find a severely wounded Draconian named Diaz.  We were able to get some decent information from him, as well as the name of the other driver – Tammuz.

Fortune was not on our side.  During our investigation of the wagon, we were attacked by some tree-like creatures.  Two of our team were struck by the wooden spines of the creatures.  Luckily, the creatures did not possess a strong frame, and were dispatched relatively quick.  We hurried to Arventa Plata to get our allies the medical attention they needed.

Once there we were able to deliver our allies to two priestesses, a Draconian named Lvanda and a fellow Tiger Shirn name Kiera. They also provided good information about our future destination – the Ashen Plains and a 'Cloven Citidel'.  We were able to get further information about the location form a pub owner named Mateo.

Haiku – Note to self:

Pay Mateo half Marque

One can eat a cheap meal but

Run the risk of runs

After a short travel, we made it to the Arventa Plata Plantation.  We spoke with director Lankert – an elf.  He mentioned that the attacks had increased in the recent months.  Also, noted that the Lizard-men used to primarily make the attacks, but in the last few years they were replaced by Kobolds.  This provided us with the information needed to make an educated guess as to the source of the attacks.  Whether this is just one of many sources, has yet to be discovered.  But, we must continue on to the next chapter of this mission.

On a side note: it was wise of myself to answer the call of the Universe by going on this mission.  I had spoken with Headmaster Degaz – a silver Dragonborn – and he offered to help translate the foreign text of my scrolls, and provide me a copy of the translations.  Papers which contained great information, but was encrypted in Celestial and Abyssal writing.  The only trade I had to make was a day worth of measly cleaning tasks – but also allowing him to keep the originals.


To be fair, Mateo offered the special at that price…He is definitely a prankster.

Hi Ni Tsume's Journal

If I know one thing, it’s that I suck at haikus. Should I practice them?

Hi Ni Tsume's Journal

@foilman90; Yeah, but also to be fair, there was only a chance of getting sick. At least it wasn’t a guarantee…. makes me shutter to think about paying less.

@bousei; I am not that great at Haikus, too. In fact, that was the first one I ever did. I will be using the character as an excuse to do more though. And I do not see a reason why you should not practice them.

Hi Ni Tsume's Journal
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