Regnum The 5th Age

Keth's tallies

scribble at the top of Keth's journal, there are currently two little T-charts. 


Abraham Keth Ties
7 5 5


Kills (since the lizard folk)  
Hi-Ni Keth
4 2



under the two T-charts he's written "Luckily they still haven't noticed that I need glassless to read small print, something that would ruin my image as a true orcish warrior"


Keth's tallies

I love the deliberate misspelling of glasses when referencing the need for them! LOL

Keth's tallies

Yeah, but when Keth’s not around, Abraham explains to Tsume that Keth ruined his eyes years ago from staying up too late reading small print books by candlelight.

Keth's tallies

when asked about it keth claims that its from growing up with only one pair of safety goggles, and Abraham always insisting on wearing them, leaving keths eyes unprotected from what ever experiment abraham was working on, as the usually blow up in their faces.

Keth's tallies

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