Regnum The 5th Age

Before the Guardians

Peros 6, 15027

Abraham paced up and down the small study.  In his hand he twirled a small, blue crystal.  "Cursed thing," he thought to himself.  "Almost unlimited potential in the palm of my hand, and it can't even find it's way home."  Bitterly, he strode over to the table of notes, glanced up at the pins on the wall.  Papers, writing, images, maps, and thread all connected in a way that would be meaningless to anyone else.  And still no answers.  In a sudden burst of rage, Abraham gripped the edges of the small table and overturned it, sending ink and paper flying.

Turning, he threw the crystal as hard as he could against the wall.  "THERE'S NO ANSWERS!" he yelled. 

The scientist in him reasoned that there had to be an answer.  Everything came and went from somewhere, and existence was not even a question.  It was merely a matter of direction, but he'd tried nearly everything he could think of.  His latest gamble had nearly cost him his life as he had wandered through the desert, using a compass with a needle made of a sliver of a Sand Crystal.  The blasted thing had merely spun with the wind, yet he had followed it for days, until his water had run out and his food was gone.  If it hadn't been for a lucky stumble across a caravan, he'd have been a dead man.  

Dropping to his knees, Abraham let out a choking sob.  Was he ever to find what he was looking for?  To be able to put to rest his demons?  

It was then that he heard a knock on his door.  Quickly, he stood and composed himself.  "Who is it?" he asked.  

"Jereth, sir, the messenger you hired?  You said I was to meet you by midnight tonight or I'd not get paid?"  The voice was seedy, but hopeful at the prospect of coin.

"I suppose that all depends on whether or not you've brought me any news," Abraham responded, opening the door.  In front of him stood a weasely looking gnome, dressed for skulking.  "You know that your clients normally call upon you and yours for service that brings results.  And I'll ask politely once: What news do you have?"

The gnome gave a snaggletooth grin before handing a sealed envelope over.  "You can check the seal on that'n there, I didn't even peek, and that's on my honor."

"You're lying, but that's not too unusual," Abraham responded.  Breaking the seal, he pulled out the small piece of parchment.  A date, a time, a place. 

Pulling out a pouch of marks, Abraham weighed it and eyed Jereth.  "Tell me," he said, "How fast can one make it to Sussuria?"

Dear Sariel (third letter)


Dear Sariel,


I write you today not from a hotel room, or the study like before. But in from the entrance to the Cloven Citadel. And I dare not wait until our departure nor our success. We’ve discovered the remnants of previous explorers in these ruins. They carry some mighty equipment that outclass our level of expertise by quite a bit. And this being only the first room. I worry that their expiration occurred not by the long-ago myth that surrounds the origin of this place, but from currently existing hazards of this place. The others seem unconcerned, but that I have not brought up this theory to them yet. Their morale is high after a recent defeat from simply a few enlarged vermin. If I’m unable to send this letter, I’ve placed the important information at the top should someone else discover it.

After the contents of the previous letter we arrived in town to return the kobold’s loot. The first stop was to a totem crafter that the engineer had befriended during the festival. Appreciative, she settled our tab at Mateo’s for that night. We left the rest with the local guard where we were credited with a claim ticket while valuables are returned to their rightful owners. Along with an explanation on the process. Since the day had waned faster than expected we rested for the night where the merchant (now admitted street-urchin) won an axe throwing competition for a highly valuable 5y stone. Of course now its apparent that every single one of these people are fucking lowborn orphans. Respect where its due of course, but none of them know anything about proper etiquette. The outset looks very dim.

The next morning we inquired about a bag of holding at the totem shop where the engineer produced a 10y stone. After some trading, we obtained the bag and powered it for a year with the 5y stone earned from the night before. Then it took almost two days to reach the Ashen Plain. We landed at the edge to the crevass in the center  where we saw some lizardfolk run away from as a suspected egress. The hollow inside had a staircase leading down over a hundred feet before meeting the bottom. Past that lies a courtyard that is so deranged from neglect and hazardous rocks that it was its own danger in crossing. This is when the vermin attacked. Myself and the shirn across the courtyard with the engineer, faux-caster, and merchant still at the base of the stairs’ landing. Though it was barely a danger. A single fire bolt was able to melt, fat and all, a rat.


Brigands Are NOT ENOUGH!

"Ah, yes!" Tammokan sips his renewed Agave Beer with the thick liquid coating his throat, "Now here it gets interesting…"

Look, I don't think explaining to you fine folk how they went around the next day at the festival of ‘Dia de Drago’ in Arventa Plata. Is really that interesting? Anyone of you here at Mateo's Ol' Fang Inn know ‘Dia de Drago’ like the inside of your tankards! YES, my friends, yes stop cheering…
…well maybe a little more, HAH!"

After the crowd dies down once more the Silver scaled Dragonborn bard continues once more.

What I will tell you is how they saw and tracked a number of Kobolds leaving the festival with a crate of some size heading into the forest. When the little scoundrels began to split up the Shirn of the group, Tsume darted off after the two characters. While his companions continued after the group heading away with the crate.  Maybe an hour or two out from what old Ferronaitius told me they met up upon the "Old Free Road" going up the east coast where it'll eventually pass the Ashen Plain!"

Gasps were heard among the crowd.

"My friends, my friends, I promised you a tale of wonder and renown! Of course we shall eventually probe the depths of danger and venture untoward that lifeless landscape. Once more, like the odd Dmitri from a decade ago, and very recently our two townsfolk and the visiting knight with his Shirn ranger. Another group of brave souls ventures forth to make our land safe once again! BUT FIRST! Let me regale you all with the heart and soul this group had shown when they realized the crate in question was items stolen from our town during, ‘Dia de Drago’!

A fierce and pitched battle ensued involving the 'BOOM STAFF' Artificer, Abraham MemphisAbraham, Tsume and the two Kobolds he had been tracking. Yes those pops back on the 28th of Fravasin some of you heard was the great boom staff of Abraham the Artificer! His staff can carve a hole through your chest as big as a small buckler for Vilgard duels!

While lightning and the whirling claws of the Shirn Monk made short work of their foes lest us not forget the others that saved the valuable old Ferronaitius had returned to you all! Yes they were the heroes that decided after knowing what had been found to return it all! The Elf wizard, Mindertasfroze one of the arms of the Kobold's arms off only to hear it mutter the name Gurthadt!

I knew this was my time and in the cloak of night I stole out and waited along the eastern Old Free Road for them to come along and I could begin following and finally have a grand tale of adventure that's not just surviving a ship wreck. More ALE!

Dear Sariel (second letter)

Dear Sariel,

Before heading to the Ashen Plain we stopped by the temple to inquire about our fallen companions. While we had enough luck that one, the shirn, survived, the drow was not so fortunate. While they were left without care for approximately the same time with a near equivalent dosage of sap I’m left to wonder what caused her death. While a difference in constitution is likely, I cannot rule out the priestess’ possible interjection. Who’s suspicion was not waned when presented with the option of purchasing a sample of the sap that the engineer (the Berkayan human) had collected. Not to mention that the merchant (the man incapacitated by sap) was also interested in purchasing said sap.

I spent much of the morning impugn the theories while exploring the festival of dragons, or ‘Dia de Drago’. I did not stop the group from their fun. I figured it would be good to have before the difficulty of what I predict to be a hazardous assault on a Draconic cult’s base. Though I did find a particularly nice pipe that is able to resize itself, it’ll be a good tool/gift if the need for diplomacy arises.

Though I believe we had wasted enough time and went to leave for the Plains we spotted a group of kobolds who had been attending the festival with enough peace to not warrant an inquisition. Though that was incorrect as when they left the festival most suspiciously; running near full sprint directly into the forest. The Shirn ran in after them with barely the chance to instruct him how to rendezvous. The rest of us made for the direction they were headed to cut them off while Ad-Hawk kept an eye on them from the sky. We met Mateo (I’ll include a short bio on him at the end of the letter) who in some sort of omniscience handed us a set of Pigeon Rings. With another one of the party’s requisition of a particularly speedy flying carpet, we were able to successfully come across the kobolds. The group followed orders adequately, though the engineer needs to learn not to fire when his allies are in the way. I had to use the dagger Lia gave me in an attempt to take one of the kobold’s for interrogation as my magic was particularly effective against his compatriot.

What was recovered were a set of magical items of quality exceeding their assumed status of kobolds as well as a chest filled with valuables, crafted and raw, calculating to a worth of a few thousand marques. Luckily one had given up and I was able to ask it some questions. Apparently the valuables were to feed some pet of Gurthadt (not sure on name, the stress caused by its predicament made it barely understandable. Though it was confirmed that the Cloven Citadel is beneath the Ashen Plains. So this leads to a number of possibilities:

  • The kobold’s information was incorrect via lying or misunderstanding

  • Gurthadt’s pet is either draconic and favors hoarding or some sort of being that consumes metal and precious gems

  • Gurthadt is a being powerful enough to own the above as a pet or is only powerful enough to make kobolds believe that he owns it

We’ll investigate further after we return the valuables.



Barkeep and owner of the “Ol’ Fang Inn” in the town of Arventa Plata. Retired (?) adventurer and highly interested in befriending others. Likes to prank others (possible indicator of perceived mark unknown). Either loose with information, or likes to be seen as such. Excellent battle-sense, keeps a blade on him beneath the clothes (how did he draw/stow it so quickly?). Would it be possible for you to ask about him? It seems if we stick around here for a while that he will become a popular informant with the rest. It’ll be best to ensure his worthiness and allegiances to limit risk.



Abraham at the festival

Walking through the festival with Keth was comforting.  “If anything, it’s like old times,” Abraham thought.  Wandering through the various booths and stalls, examining trinkets, trying to get Keth to loan him money…yup, exactly the same, with the exception of the dragonborn and…was that a kobold over there?  Oh, and the churros were fantastic.  Keth was carrying one around that looked like a small log, and he didn’t seem to be too interested in sharing it. 

As always, Abraham was looking for…well, anything that caught his interest.  He’d really like to know what stories there were of treasure, hidden or otherwise, in the area.  He hadn’t asked around too much lately, given that most of the good stuff was hidden in the Cloven Citadel, but it wouldn’t hurt to try and get some details.  Given how few people had been in there, what were the odds that they’d have too great an idea?  Still, things leak through.  Stories, rumors, whispers here and there.  Mateo could probably even make up a half decent story about something that may or may not be true anyways.

               “Still,” Abraham thought “Wouldn’t be too surprised if anything Mateo said was half true.  He seems to have a way of learning things.” 

               The festival featured a lot of locally crafted goods, which Abraham like…and disliked.  On the one hand, it was a fantastic showcase of local arcane craftmanship, but on the other hand, such things were usually more expensive, especially during festivals.  Nothing like being a tourist to guarantee a raise in price.  The armor booth had been fantastic.  Real dragonscale? If it could be harvested in some fashion…maybe?  Abraham wasn’t too familiar with dragons, or if they shed their scales.  Would they?  It made sense, but surely that had to be a private matter, or at least a rare occurrence only happening every few…decades…centuries…something.  Abraham made a mental note to inquire about the source of the scales later. 

               Stepping through the crowd, Abraham began to wonder about the totem he ordered.  He was excited to see how it turned out, especially given that he hadn’t said what he wanted still….

Wait, what was that…movement!  Kobolds darting into the forest!  Right before lunch, too!  The scoundrels.  Had they no respect for the important things in life?

Hi Ni Tsume's Journal
A new chapter

It has been a while since I left the monastery to take part in my questing ritual.  My travels have granted me the opportunity to meet a variety of different individuals in the Shirn territories.  However, a great wind of change had blown.  And now I have been thrust in to a whole new world of adventure.

I was at a tavern, the location of which currently eludes me.  I was having some drinks and sharing a meal with some locals.  After a while and individual, fully armored and coloured only in black approached and conversed with me.  The discussion with this individual is also a bit of a blur.  It was not long before my vision fell black.

I had awoken in a room.  Although I was not alone.  There were other individuals that seemed to have been in a similar situation.  A couple of them did not hesitate to find a way out.  But, it had occurred to me, the Universe had brought us together, and for a reason.  While some were trying to find a way out, others seemed to be trying to remember the prior night.  But, for us to gain any insight as to what had occurred, and what we must do, the silence must be broken.  After I had broken the silence, the others started to introduce themselves to one another.

Drow – Melis; appeared to be a fighter of the wilds.  Talks mostly to the high elf, much about her is unknown to me.

High Elf – Mindertas; appeared to be wealthy, later showed his mystic skill-set.  A very diplomatic individual and is very goal oriented.  This person takes charge in many of the social situations.  Undoubtedly a strong leader type.

Human – Stan; appeared to be a lithe individual, very quiet too.

Human – Abraham; not too much of a fighter, but later shown to be a crafter of sorts.  He also calls Keth his brother.  Seems to be a rare fellowship between the two, but the Universe holds many a possibility.

Orc – Keth; an intriguing individual, strong fighter, loves food, and wine.  A bit enjoyable to converse with.  Yet a bit of a heavy drinker.  Note; seems to have the ability to shrug off his intoxication in emergency situations – very useful for he has been intoxicated quite often, thus far.

Shortly after introductions were made, a mystical message appeared in the middle of the room.  It explained our purpose, and what we were currently tasked with.  It seemed the locals of this land, called Firam, are having issues maintaining their production of an important medicinal herb called the Silver Lotus.  I do not know specifically the motivation of the other individuals.  But, I know that the Universe had put me here for a reason – and I know that this must play an important role for my questing ritual.

After receiving the message, the room opened, and we were allowed to leave.  We soon discovered that we really were transported to Firam, Isthmus – in a Hotel called Dracos Respite.  We also discovered that room and board had already been taken care of, and we had access to their facilities for the duration of this mission.  I requested a copy of the agreement and logged it with my papers.

Our mission took us to Arventa Plata – the southern most Silver Lotus farm.  This location was the closest, and may have held many clues to our investigation.  The flying carpet service took us to the outskirts of the city, where we were to continue on foot.  Along the route, we had found a raided wagon that was to be transporting the Silver Lotus.  The raiders were a moderate-sized group of Kobalds.  Strangely, they were familiar with tactics, and they were well equipped.  Some of the Silver Lotus was missing, along with one of the drivers.  Luckily we were able to find a severely wounded Draconian named Diaz.  We were able to get some decent information from him, as well as the name of the other driver – Tammuz.

Fortune was not on our side.  During our investigation of the wagon, we were attacked by some tree-like creatures.  Two of our team were struck by the wooden spines of the creatures.  Luckily, the creatures did not possess a strong frame, and were dispatched relatively quick.  We hurried to Arventa Plata to get our allies the medical attention they needed.

Once there we were able to deliver our allies to two priestesses, a Draconian named Lvanda and a fellow Tiger Shirn name Kiera. They also provided good information about our future destination – the Ashen Plains and a 'Cloven Citidel'.  We were able to get further information about the location form a pub owner named Mateo.

Haiku – Note to self:

Pay Mateo half Marque

One can eat a cheap meal but

Run the risk of runs

After a short travel, we made it to the Arventa Plata Plantation.  We spoke with director Lankert – an elf.  He mentioned that the attacks had increased in the recent months.  Also, noted that the Lizard-men used to primarily make the attacks, but in the last few years they were replaced by Kobolds.  This provided us with the information needed to make an educated guess as to the source of the attacks.  Whether this is just one of many sources, has yet to be discovered.  But, we must continue on to the next chapter of this mission.

On a side note: it was wise of myself to answer the call of the Universe by going on this mission.  I had spoken with Headmaster Degaz – a silver Dragonborn – and he offered to help translate the foreign text of my scrolls, and provide me a copy of the translations.  Papers which contained great information, but was encrypted in Celestial and Abyssal writing.  The only trade I had to make was a day worth of measly cleaning tasks – but also allowing him to keep the originals.

Abraham's Compendium
Gaurdian, Day 2

Fravsin 28 15030 A.T.


Sand Crystal Dust:  Currently good supply.  38 thundershells remain of 40.  Sand Crystal dust in decent supply.  Should make sure to have supply before descending into the Cloven Citadel. 

Nightvision goggles: Full capacity. Should conserve energy until descent. 

Cap of Water Breathing: Useful in cave?  Should check to see if nearby areas have underground reservoirs.  If not, look for trade in Arventa Plata?

Thundercannon: Performing as expected.  Continuous energy cycle holding up.  Flux cycle regulated.  Internal combustion monitored.  Planned adjustments proceeding reasonably well, given available tools. 

Mindertas: Elf.  Skilled in Arcane arts.  Polite in company.  Has sense of purpose, and confidence in self.  Good leader.  Bit of a highbrow.  Does not laugh too much.

Keth: Grumpy as always.  Has picked up drinking heavily in last few years, possible due to orcish heritage.  Still handles well in a fight.  Does all laughing on the inside. 

Stan: Merchant???  Guardians picked a strange group, but what skills does a merchant bring to our band of misfits?  Man is a decent shot with a bow, but has remained quiet and aloof for now.

Hano Tsume – Shirn.  Skilled in hand to hand combat.  Strong.  Very calm under pressure.  Good person to lean on.  Seeking knowledge, a good endeavor, but a tad naïve.  Laughs when appropriate.

Drow – Name escapes me.  Female from Berkay.  Arcane of some sort.  Likes bugs.  Skilled with bow.  Quiet. 

Arventa Plata – Quiet, peaceful for living so close to stronghold of lizardfolk, kobolds.  Unaware of danger?  Don’t consider it danger/Overconfident? 

               Luvanda Herqwan: Priestess.  Children died in Cloven Citadel?  Knowledge of Cloven Citadel?

               Kira: Priestess of Bahamut. 

Cloven Citadel: DangerDangerDanger.  A tactician’s worst nightmare.  One entrance with no cover upon approach.  Small group could stave off armies at entry point.  Single entrance?  Most rats have an escape plan that takes them away from the cat.  But who’s rat, who’s cat?  Led here for purpose, or as lambs for slaughter? 

Shrine of Ackavartan: Connection to Cloven Citadel?  Secret entrance?  Given distance between points, highly unlikely.  Worth examining?  Potentially.  Soil around Arventa Plata fertile, black loam. Tunnel would be horrendously deep.  Greater depth, worse chance of survival in completion. 

Asld;k.  asj;assfjkld  skdjsdkldsjfsfsdlfdnlsfndlsfsmdfsk. DSFJSKLDFKDSJSKLFJK

No matter how many times I try to write it, I still can’t.  I can see it in my head and in my heart, but its name won’t come.  And even if I could say it, would anyone believe me?  Even those who know that there is a way back haven’t found it yet.  From the other side of the world, where I might die, I am further from my goal than when I started.  Knowledge of home comes in bits and pieces, a morsel here and there.  It is impossible to return. 

Guardians: Power and money?  Can they get me home?  What rewards can be gained if this venture is survived?  Wishes to be granted?  Home?

Side project: Assistant.  Combination of gears, pulleys, and internally controlled levers experiment successful.  Self-propelled imitation arm works.  Fingers grasp, although it has tendency to clench fist and raise digitus medius towards me.  Personality being infused in with magic?  Potentially.  Must investigate further. 

Next steps: Cloven Citadel: Find entrance; Assistant: Experiment with feet and legs; Companions? Compatriots? Associates and brother: Assist.

Dear Sariel

Dear Sariel:

I hope this letter finds you well. I should start off clearing the air about my disappearance. I had been spending the evening in Laira’s Den just off-campus with a few peers when one of the Guardians entered. Apparently they had interviewed a number of other people in the den, but decided on myself. Who knows why, they aren’t the most expansive type. After it’s interview of me it eventually left and I suppose I fell asleep because the next thing I knew I awoke with some traveling gear in an empty room with several other people.

I haven’t quite gotten the hang of their names, but quite a few of them are from Berkay. Of course they were all lowborn so I’ll be handling them. We awoke in ‘The Drakkos Respite’, a large hotel of high repute in Yin-Drakkos. The six of us were sent to aid in the defense of one of the Silver Lotus farms just outside the city of Firam. After a morning of exquisite hospitality we left onto the road towards the farm when we discovered a Kobold party raiding a shipment of leaves. It took barely any time to dispatch them of course. After investigating the scene we found one of the drivers with barely a breath left to him. We rested near the cart believing the danger had been dealt with. We realized this folly when we were attacked by a set of scavenging awakened trees. We figured out later that they likely followed the kobolds devouring their victims.

We eventually arrived in Arventa Plata. We discovered a number of things, the kobolds along with lizardfolk are inhabiting a crevasse located in the ‘Ashen Plain’. Plenty of rumors circulate it as the origin of a Dragon’s divinity, which is backed up quite well by the inexplicably barren grounds where nothing can grow. A few structures within the crevasse support the theory that the Cloven Citadel is located en subterra. Besides that, we are not the first to be tasked with defending the plant. Another group, one of which was related with a local member of the clergy, had attempted to deal with the raiders but have gone missing – I believe I carry one of their swords. Though it took nearly all day to discover all this we leave tomorrow to begin a direct investigation of the groups inhabiting the Plain. It will be difficult, but I believe our best efforts will be extended counter-raiding party to whittle their forces down in order to gain entry, but a silent approach may also be possible. I will write again when our task is accomplished.

Your brother,

A Mission Unfinished

"Ah, yes!" Tammokan sips his Agave Beer with the thick liquid coating his throat, "Now where were we…"

They spotted Kobolds raiding a wagon and most of the band was able to launch a surprise strike which made the battle vicious, but ultimately short. However, they found a survivor calling himself Diaz and that Dragonborn mentioned his companion, Tammuz, should be nearby. However, upon investigation Tammuz appeared to be dead or at the least missing. There was some evidence of a path down the road and more tracks leading off towards the east. 

Our novice band elected to bring Diaz onwards to Arventa Plata and find out more about the circumstances surrounding these events. The elf had even managed to recover a sword from a Kobold corpse that appeared to be enchanted! Organized strikes, well armed Kobolds, a growing number of raids spell potential disaster to a plant used in medicines across the Empires of the Accord! What could our band of heroes do you ask?

Before I could tell you our heroes heard two quick gust of wind and two resounding THUDS! What we now know as Twig Blights began an assault upon the group felling two of their companions with poisoned, wooden, darts as long as an arrow! The 27th of Fravasin was starting to turn south into one of the worst Thursdays they could remember.

A member of the daring band managed to suck the poison out of one, only to have the rescuer succumb to it. The others managed to destroy the Twig Blights and were able to purify and rouse the ill fated rescuer before the venomous sap had a much more dire effect. They were healed of their wounds by Diaz and bore their healed but unconscious companions towards Arventa Plata. Once there Diaz asked to be taken to the Shrine of Dragon Gods, where they met Kira a Shirn priestess of Bahamut and Luvanda Herqwan, a black scaled Dragonborn of Takhisis the Dark Mother of Dragons.

Despite the band's reservations regarding Luvanda they left their companions and Diaz to care for them. Soon they found their way to the Ol' Fang Inn and Mateo, its owner. Soon, they were given the recent lore surrounding the previous group chosen to come and deal with this issue but were ultimately unsuccessful. They eventually got off their collective bums and moved quickly on to the Argent Plantation south of the city. It was here I first made their acquaintance.

Of course they got to meet the richest elf in southern Yin Drakkos, Director Lankert. They talked about the prior group's failure at stopping the attacks and how raids have picked up in recent months. The director believes wherever the attacks were coming from had a power struggle recently, the Ashen Plain. The Director believes that the Lizardmen are no longer in control of the "Cloven Citadel" located in the ravine of the Ashen Plain. The director went on to explain that the "cloven" part of the citadel and ravine connection stems from the ravine's shape looking as though a god like dragon had cloven the ground driving the citadel below the light of day!

Worried there could be more than one location to the attacks' source he implores the group to carry on with their work and stop these raids. Shortly, after they leave the director's office I meet them for the first time trying to make them believe I was my grandfather, head or chief Loremaster of the plantation – Degaz. Let's just say I had them fooled until my grand father and a few insightful members of the band wrecked the whole charade! Phooey! More ALE!

Where am I?

Hello there, everyone welcome! My name is Tammokan, and I am your bard this evening. Yes don't let my silver scales or tongue trick you into thinking this story will be the droning of ancient rhetoric. Nay my good friends you are privileged to hear about the tale of…

Hmmm… no no one second every good tale deserves a name… hmmm We shall call this Tale the "Cleaving of the Cloven Citadel!"

Yes let me tell you of the band of brave adventurers chosen to join the Guardians of the Accord as Journeyfolk Field Agents selected by the Living Weapons themselves!


Well our journey begins in the country of Yin-Drakkos, and further down the Isthmus is the city of Firam. Our band of heroes appeared their in the grand inn known throughout the land as "The Drakkos Respite!" Well it may not be known, known if you catch my meaning but tell this tale to those you know and it certainly will soon change! Just don't forget to mention you heard it from ole Tammokan!

Soon our group of heroes were fed, given their first assignment and basic supplies. Now to investigate the raids happening to the plantations that grew the Silver Lotus used in so many healing salves and potions to this very day! It was a cool day with a light wind in the jungle outside town on a Thursday, 27th of Fravasin in the year 15030 A.T.

They spotted Kobolds raiding a wagon and most of the band was able to launch a surprise strike which made the battle vicious, but ultimately short. However, they found a survivor and that person mentioned his companion which appeared to be dead or at the least missing. There was some evidence of a path down the road and you'll have to wait till after this beer to learn more! If you feel like hearing more of the story just tip ole Tammokan, because it makes buying the beer easier.


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