Book of Avesta

The Book of Avesta

This book is the sacred texts of the faithful followers of the Church of Dualism. They tell the tales of the Mazdans and Ahrimanites throughout the ages on Regnum.

The texts of the Avesta — which are all in the Avestan language — were composed over the course of several hundred years. The most important portion, the Gathas, in older (before the works of Johanna Narten of House Gathic in the Galvan Republic) Avestan, are the hymns thought to have been composed by Zorashaster, the founder of Dualism, himself. The liturgical texts of the Yasna, which includes the Gathas, is in Older Avestan, with short, later additions in Younger Avestan (though still 15,000 to 30,000 years old). The Yasnas’ oldest portions may be older than the Gathas, later adapted to more closely follow the doctrine of Zorashaster.

The various Yasnas are in Younger Avestan and thought to date to the Achaemenid era (5000 –330 B.A.T.=Before Accordant Time). The Visprad and Vendidad, which are also in Younger Avestan, were probably composed even later but this is not certain. The Vendidad were written primarily for ritual purification. The Visparat, another group of writings in the ‘Avesta’, were believed to be made for the honor and prayer of the celestial lords.

Book of Avesta

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