Arventa Plata

Arventa Plata

This lush jungle and marsh land area outside of the nearest city, Firam. Is home to the largest of the five Silver Lotus plantations in Yin-Drakkos.

Notable Locations and Residents

  1. Town Hall – The three tiered step-pyramid center of government in Arventa Plata includes the office of Lord Vurnor Ying, a copper-scaled, Dragonborn noble.
  2. Herqwan's General Store – The town's main source for supplies and merchandise is this branch of Herqwan retail chain, Owned by Herqwan family whom have a large contingent of their family situated within the church of Dragons. This location is owned and operated by Priestess Terrovia Herqwan, a black-scaled, Dragonborn.
  3. Shrine of Dragon Gods – Advice, information, and even healing are among the services dispensed at the town's shrine. It is maintained by two clerics of the Dragon Gods.

    • Kira, a tiger breed Shirn priestess of Bahamut the Platinum Dragon.
    • Luvanda Herqwan, a black-scaled, Dragonborn priestess of Takhisis the Dark Mother of Dragons. Older sister to Terrovia.
  4. Jail – Next to the town hall is a stout step pyramid also three tiers high, but a smaller base of the town hall. Here miscreants serve their sentences under the watchful eye of Ferronaitius, a male red-scaled, Dragonborn veteran. He commands a force of sixteen guards and four scouts whom keep the village safe.
  5. Blacksmith – Forging Goods, Items, Armor & Weapons as well as repairing them is the job of the town Blacksmith and his apprentices. Rorvik Ying, a copper-scaled, Dragonborn noble and cousin to the Lord and mayor runs the smithy.
  6. Ol' Fang Inn – Mateo, a male Human from the Vilgard Federation. Is the owner and manager/bartender of the Ol' Fang Inn. He loves serving food and drink in the styles found Vilgard, Baalgor Island, and the Silver Coast. He has rooms for rent that visitors can make use of for 2 Marques a day.

Current Rumors 6th of Fravasin, 15030 A.T.

  • No one knows for sure what the Cloven Citadel once was, but legends hint that it served as the retreat of an ancient dragon god cult.
  • The Free Coast Road skirts a location called the Ashen Plain, a lifeless barren area.
  • Livestock herders near the Silver Lotus plantation in town don't graze/feed too far afield these days. They're frightened of stories of new monsters or marauders that come in the night. From time to time when thieves from after the Silver Lotus both livestock and people can go missing or found dead the next day. The dead have borne needle like wounds, and no one can report having seen the attackers. No trail leading away can be discerned either.
  • Missing Guardian adventurer field team was:

    1. Tuvoku Herqwan, a black-scaled, Dragonborn sorcerer. son of Terrovia.
    2. Tira Herqwan, a black-scaled, Dragonborn Eldritch-Knight. daughter of Terrovia.
    3. Sir Santiago, a Vilgard Human Paladin of Ahura Mazda (not local).
    4. Vachir, a Shirn Lion breed Ranger (not local).

    It was said they had magical items on them before they vanished a month ago.

  • Sometimes Kobolds will come an offer a different type of dragon fruit at the winter festival. This dragon fruit is corpse white in color and poisonous, even to the touch with bare skin. The deep red fruit can revive someone recently dead!

  • Mateo, the bartender of the Ol' Fang Inn, remembers that the last time anyone aside from Tuvoku and Tira asked questions about the Cloven Citadel. Around 13 years ago, a grim Daedal (dog-like race) named Dimitri with a large Komodo dire-lizard pet.

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Arventa Plata

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