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Aliquid Draco Hoc Modo Fit – Season 3

Translation: "Something Dragon This Way Comes"
Character Current Level Prof. Bonus Logs In A Row
Keth 5 + 3 1
Stan 5 + 3 0
Abraham 5 + 3 4
Mindertas 5 + 3 4
Hi Ni Tsume 5 + 3 0


19th of AUGUST - 2017

After dealing with the tediousness of tracking XP I have decided episodic leveling is how I will be handling this going forward. Currently the group has reached level Five. Now, the next session should be the boss fight but it might take one additional game for them to reach it.

Tsume needs a log to come up to three in a row
Both Stan and Keth new one to start the trek to four once more.
For the old XP please go 'HERE', thanks.


5th of AUGUST - 2017


22nd of JULY – 2017


8th of JULY – 2017


24th of JUNE – 2017


10th of JUNE – 2017


27th of MAY – 2017


13th of MAY – 2017


XP NOTESLIR: Logs in a Row -
For every four logs written in a roll Players will receive the following:

  • A free use of advantage on one roll of their choosing, regardless of dice type (yes, damage dice).
  • A free "Nat 20" on a single D20 roll of their choosing.

Now these will not stack and if not used, will expire when a new reward is earned.

For each first comment per player on a log I will reward 25 XP. Which will be tallied at the Friday before game.



Experience Points

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