Fikir Tayfa Tribes Of The Mind

Fikir Tayfa

Earth Society Reference: Bedouin Tribes and Vedic Yogi
Predominant Religion: ??? This empire is the realm least understood and are often called "the Barren People" or "the Invisible People" among the other empires. No one is sure how long they have existed. Many say they have been around before the time of the Founder Races's arrival, and they were the 11th empire to sign the Accord. No one is sure in 10,000 years if there is any exports other than sand crystals, glass and stories of what the "invisble people" of the Barrens are? Their most recent ambassador/liaison to the Guardians was a Equitregus Mystic, Narakosh. He is returning to Fikir Tayfa soon so his successor may begin to make the travel back. So bards have claimed for the last few months, again with the Invisible people only one thing is certain, nothing at all.

Motto: Will is the way

Capital City: ? ? ?
Notable Locations: ? ? ?

Shield heraldry by HOTROD!


Fikir Tayfa Tribes Of The Mind

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