I stole these from Killervp at A God… Rebuilt but I have played with them and I love them.

Please also refer to the Game Master Contract.

We follow the Gaming 10 Commandments. (Thanks Skyland Games!)

Spell Casting Follow the RAW (Rules As Written) in the PHB (Player Handbook).

Optional Rule (WE USE THIS): Normal weapons are in danger of breaking when wielded by somebody with supernatural strength. A good rule of thumb is to assume a weapon is in danger of breaking whenever total damage inflicted exceeds more than three times the weapon's maximum base damage — in the case of a 2D4 sword, more than 24 points of damage might break it. Every time that much damage is inflicted, there is a 01- 30% chance that the weapon will break. Heavy, sturdy weapons, and very well-crafted blades (a master smith's katana, for example) can withstand more damage; do not roll unless damage exceeds five times the weapon's maximum damage. Magical weapons and artifacts are basically indestructible and are at no risk of breaking.

Money Each "One" Marque coin weighs 1/4 ounce (partly due to size), and each "Five" or "Ten" Marque coin weigh 1/3 ounce.

Death Any death where the player is not resurrected will result in a new character being created for that player at 2 levels below level at death, or 1st level, whichever is higher. Each death raise the DC for future resurrections by 1 with a base rule of 10 or better on a D20 for a ressurection saving throw.

Fun Remember: This is a role-playing GAME! So, to continue to encourage laughter, I will continue to award xp when you make the gm laugh. Extra xp when you make all of us laugh!

Perception We are using the perception rules from Dead Reign, from Palladium Books, with bonuses coming from ME. Easy: 4 Moderate: 8 Challenging: 14 Difficult: 17 Masterful: 19 Perception & Skills: Skills such as Prowl, Concealment, etc add to Perception. + 1 every 10 points of skill. Use common sense… prowl does not help in discovering a secret door.

Character Anniversary Each anniversary the character, with the blessing of his/her god or goddess, will get to re-roll any and all dice rolls once each for that day! You must accept the result of the re-roll.

Fumble & Critical Rolls: Natural 1 on a 20 is a fumble – you just don't succeed I will not add anything to this because the situation will likely be bad enough. On a natural 20 rolled on a 20 is a critical success, and I will try and give the PC some say in how they succeeded.

CHARACTER LOG REWARDS: Three consecutive logs (6 separate games in a row) by all players that attend is worth a bonus “Ace in the Hole” for each player— a special item that can be played at any time for a success (treated as a Nat "20") on any one roll. You may only ever have one ACE at a time and it can be used after a die is rolled but before any results are made known.


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