Yin Drakkos


Predominant Religion: Draconian Faith

This lush jungle and marsh land area was left alone for thousands of years known by sailors as the Dragon's Arm and by the scholars and educated as the Isthmus of Drakkos. Drakkos was a powerful fire dragon whose scales were often mistaken for burnt rocks due to extreme age. For the last 5000 years Drakkos has been preparing the nation for his passing from this world. He is trying to avoid leaving the nation of Yin-Drakkos with a troubled future as the Council of Draconian Faith have not had a strong enough Dragon ruler step forward to claim Primarch of the Theocracy of Yin-Drakkos. This land has been the domain of the Dragons for the last 50,000 years due largely to the fact a ley line with multiple nexus points (where two ley lines cross) runs from southern Sussuria through the entire Isthmus and 250 miles out into the ocean past the Free Islands. A humanoid serpentine hybrid race calling themselves Dragonborn showed up around 6,000 years ago and were seeking refuge from the world of the Founder Races. The ancient Fire Dragon, Drakkos, struck a deal with the Dragonborn to convert to Dragonwright and they would be given haven among the new nation of Yin-Drakkos. Many of the Founder Races were shocked to hear of the tales of how the Dragonborn were treated. Whatever survived the Founding War was no longer their world anymore. Yin-Drakkos was the 12th and last empire to sign the Accord in 4096 A.T. This jungle nation produces 70% of the world's medicines and the Dragonborn have made a name for themselves as healers in both magical and non-magical arenas. Twice a year they offer their services free for a whole month, provided each person needing them hears a priest speak about the glory of Dragonwright and how it saved the Dragonborn.

Motto: Through the arch we came and through the arch we shall go.

Capital City: Drakva
Notable Locations: The Pyramids of the Arch, the Faerie Lake of Pearl, and the port cities of Quin-Long and Firam



Yin Drakkos

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