Regnum The 5th Age

Dear Sariel

Dear Sariel:

I hope this letter finds you well. I should start off clearing the air about my disappearance. I had been spending the evening in Laira’s Den just off-campus with a few peers when one of the Guardians entered. Apparently they had interviewed a number of other people in the den, but decided on myself. Who knows why, they aren’t the most expansive type. After it’s interview of me it eventually left and I suppose I fell asleep because the next thing I knew I awoke with some traveling gear in an empty room with several other people.

I haven’t quite gotten the hang of their names, but quite a few of them are from Berkay. Of course they were all lowborn so I’ll be handling them. We awoke in ‘The Drakkos Respite’, a large hotel of high repute in Yin-Drakkos. The six of us were sent to aid in the defense of one of the Silver Lotus farms just outside the city of Firam. After a morning of exquisite hospitality we left onto the road towards the farm when we discovered a Kobold party raiding a shipment of leaves. It took barely any time to dispatch them of course. After investigating the scene we found one of the drivers with barely a breath left to him. We rested near the cart believing the danger had been dealt with. We realized this folly when we were attacked by a set of scavenging awakened trees. We figured out later that they likely followed the kobolds devouring their victims.

We eventually arrived in Arventa Plata. We discovered a number of things, the kobolds along with lizardfolk are inhabiting a crevasse located in the ‘Ashen Plain’. Plenty of rumors circulate it as the origin of a Dragon’s divinity, which is backed up quite well by the inexplicably barren grounds where nothing can grow. A few structures within the crevasse support the theory that the Cloven Citadel is located en subterra. Besides that, we are not the first to be tasked with defending the plant. Another group, one of which was related with a local member of the clergy, had attempted to deal with the raiders but have gone missing – I believe I carry one of their swords. Though it took nearly all day to discover all this we leave tomorrow to begin a direct investigation of the groups inhabiting the Plain. It will be difficult, but I believe our best efforts will be extended counter-raiding party to whittle their forces down in order to gain entry, but a silent approach may also be possible. I will write again when our task is accomplished.

Your brother,


This is a wonderful log and I can’t wait to see what the rest of you come up with!

Dear Sariel

“Of course they were all lowborn so I’ll be handling them.”

I love this line. :)

Dear Sariel

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