Regnum The 5th Age

Abraham at the festival

Walking through the festival with Keth was comforting.  “If anything, it’s like old times,” Abraham thought.  Wandering through the various booths and stalls, examining trinkets, trying to get Keth to loan him money…yup, exactly the same, with the exception of the dragonborn and…was that a kobold over there?  Oh, and the churros were fantastic.  Keth was carrying one around that looked like a small log, and he didn’t seem to be too interested in sharing it. 

As always, Abraham was looking for…well, anything that caught his interest.  He’d really like to know what stories there were of treasure, hidden or otherwise, in the area.  He hadn’t asked around too much lately, given that most of the good stuff was hidden in the Cloven Citadel, but it wouldn’t hurt to try and get some details.  Given how few people had been in there, what were the odds that they’d have too great an idea?  Still, things leak through.  Stories, rumors, whispers here and there.  Mateo could probably even make up a half decent story about something that may or may not be true anyways.

               “Still,” Abraham thought “Wouldn’t be too surprised if anything Mateo said was half true.  He seems to have a way of learning things.” 

               The festival featured a lot of locally crafted goods, which Abraham like…and disliked.  On the one hand, it was a fantastic showcase of local arcane craftmanship, but on the other hand, such things were usually more expensive, especially during festivals.  Nothing like being a tourist to guarantee a raise in price.  The armor booth had been fantastic.  Real dragonscale? If it could be harvested in some fashion…maybe?  Abraham wasn’t too familiar with dragons, or if they shed their scales.  Would they?  It made sense, but surely that had to be a private matter, or at least a rare occurrence only happening every few…decades…centuries…something.  Abraham made a mental note to inquire about the source of the scales later. 

               Stepping through the crowd, Abraham began to wonder about the totem he ordered.  He was excited to see how it turned out, especially given that he hadn’t said what he wanted still….

Wait, what was that…movement!  Kobolds darting into the forest!  Right before lunch, too!  The scoundrels.  Had they no respect for the important things in life?


I’m surprised Keth didn’t ask around for ‘festive drinks’ it certainly seems like a missed rp opportunity to flanderize

Abraham at the festival

To true flanderizing is very important in Orc society! LOL!

Abraham at the festival

Churros?? Really??
Dang kobolds…

Abraham at the festival

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