Regnum The 5th Age

Before the Guardians: Part IV

Abraham leaned back against the stone wall.  His lungs burned and his legs ached.  It had been a while since he'd had to run that type of distance, and he wasn't even sure what had happened, or how everything had devolved so quickly.  That feeling was welling up inside him again, the feeling that he was being hunted.  He hated it.  He was the hunter, not some mouse to be toyed with.

It had seemed simple.  Travel the world, looking for relatively reputable warriors and scholars to join him on a venture to the Barrens.  There had to be something, some way to get through that dust storm, they just had to find it. 

Normally when Abraham went on these jaunts, he was scoffed at and ridiculed.  This time, something different had happened.  For once, someone had seemed interested in what he had to say.  Someone wanted to join him, to explore that blasted desert.  They had just shaken hands over the promise of adventure when the knife had appeared in the chest of Abraham's new companion.  A hand was attached to it, and a body, but Abraham hadn't focused on that.  All he could think of was escape. 

A fight soon broke out, turning into a brawl, escalating into a riot that had left that entire quarter of the city burning.  Someone was trying to send Abraham a message, and for what it was worth, it was working.  Every move he made seemed to be tracked, every bit of progress he made was pushed back. 

It was time to do the one thing they wouldn't expect him to do.  It was time to see Keth.


This is good I love seeing how it comes together!

Before the Guardians: Part IV

Why would they not expect someone to meet their brother when they’re having troubles?

Before the Guardians: Part IV

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