Regnum The 5th Age

Dear Sariel (sixth letter, included Case Study)

Dear Sariel,

I've befriended the Lizardfolk from my previous letter. His name is Thorsk, more of him will be described in the attached parchments which will detail his Cast Study. Please ensure that their seal is held and delivered to Professor Nishibi at the college. Beyond that, things progress slowly. My agreement with Thorsk is at ends with the Kobold's agreement. Which is at odds with Abraham's wish to hold his word. Even when I've explained to him how helping Thorsk overthrow Bellec (newly learned leader of the Lizardfolk) and the Kobold's unwillingness to follow local law or morality. So I've offered him our family's sponsorship in his studies. Of course I had already been planning on offering him this as he holds great competence in his field already, but now I am able to get him out of an otherwise venal agreement. Though his hesitance at the danger of the Kobold's is respectable. So we agreed to kill Calryx to boost Thorsk's position to challenge Bellec.



Confirming Arcane Transference Via Hemetic Influence

A Case Study to test Lemmy Hornsilver's theory of Sorcerous Conception by Mindertas Ilphelstia.


While out in the field, I've been given the chance to test Dr. Hornsilver's theory on a Lizardfolk who not only consented to the experiment, but is highly motivated for it to be performed on him. In the following paper I will detail Thorsk, along with his physiology, psychology, and progress throughout the experiment. Though this will be occurring in the field so I will be unable to control for certain variables due to risk of safety for the subject, however I will try to be as descriptive as I can to ensure proper analysis of the data.


The subject: Thorsk, Lizardfolk from a tribe located in the Cloven Citadel of the Ashen plain, ancestry currently unknown, age 19, Black-green scales with a very healthy frilling and few scars. He stands 6'4" with an addtional 8" when his lead Dorsal frill is fully extended. Approximately 300 lbs with about 18% body fat according to Beaurmann's method. Approximately average flexibility and speed. Introductions were made when my group and I, hired by the guardians for a separate investigation, murdered most of his raiding party on their return. Thorsk showed great bravery in charging us after all of his companions had been felled before him. He was calmed with a charming smoke from a magical pipe. In the interest of gaining him as a source of further context for our mission. He expressed interest in learning magic like I was capable of, but showed little promise in the way of education. So when I expressed Hornsilver's hypothetical loophole for arcane ability, he showed interest. In exchange for performing this on him he would help us on our mission. He shows intellect by his willingess to lie and trade to accomplish his goals, but holds very little (if any) formal education. He's also very boastful and headstrong, suggesting supreme confidence in his skills and methods. 

The impetus: Calryx, a captured white dragon 28'1" from snout to tail, wingspan of 40'7", and weight of approximately  1.2 tons. Confident, and provocative, upon diplomatic attempt he showed no intention of integrating into Drakkos' draconic community. Upon death, his blood rates at 3.6mPa suggesting nutritional deficiencies. This is likely due to its enslavement by local Kobolds. 


[2-3 parchments worth of paper detailing various measurements of physical aspects of Thorsk and Calryx. Conclusion and Discussion to follow.]


Wonderful notes. Can’t wait to see the results of this experiment.


I agree this was a joy to read!


I was going to write the full initial experiment but realized DM wanted some changes to thorsk and will instead wrap it up next session (and upon finality of thorsk’s relevance). Also I’ll be updating it in a couple days since I realized I DIDN’T PUT THE ACTUAL METHODOLOGY IN THE METHODOLOGY


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